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Popping up on your FYP with over 200k followers across TikTok and Instagram, Gavin is helping people learn about food policy, consistently landing over 10 million views per month in the process!


If you want to accelerate your progress in the world of video content, you need someone in your corner. Experienced training and coaching for individuals and businesses who want to move fast in any niche!


Helping people learn about food is what drives me. Writer, author, public speaker and lecturer, as well as TV and radio appearances about ultra-processing, food waste, inflation and more.

Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

In late September 2015, there was a panel discussion at Borough Market in London about an evergreen topic, The Future of Food. On stage were a few food personalities; a chef, a trend analyst, a food creative, plus a stuffy old academic called Professor Tim Lang.

Tim was talking about a fascinating subject – food policy – an area that I’d never heard about before.

It turned out to be a life-changing talk. I could see how every fact and statistic that Tim spoke about was massively relevant to everybody in society. He quickly exposed the complexity that lay beneath the glossy sheen of fully stocked supermarket shelves and flash restaurants.

I ran home and excitedly scribbled out a blog post about the event, wondering why doesn’t everyone know about food policy? After all, everyone eats food. Before long I was in front of Tim at City University, studying a Masters degree in food policy.

Since that moment, it’s been my mission to make food policy entertaining, relevant and accessible to everyone, because it influences everything that we eat.

It’s been a HUGE success as the views on my food policy videos climb over 100 million

To achieve this massive feat, I’ve learned a vast amount of secrets, skills and techniques from the worlds of journalism, psychology, videography and beyond, which are essential to creating entertaining videos about news, science, research and above all, facts.

This site will help you understand those lessons which are the foundation of the coaching services that will accelerate your progress in building entertaining educational video content in your niche.

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