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It’s all about the content

From the first lucky viral hits through to engineering consistent success


Started my YouTube channel, discussing vital topics such as “Why don’t sticky resealable tabs work?” and “What’s the most efficient way to squeeze a lime?

This important start helped practice videography skills, editing, lighting, speaking to camera and carrying a message through a whole video.


While studying MSc food policy I was working as a food photographer and blogging in my spare time.

Learning how to use light to make photos and videos look amazing has been a core part of making great social media content.


A spoof video of an egg in a glass of milk hit 50k views on TikTok and gained me a couple of thousand followers. I thought I’d made it 🤩

Your first viral hits are often unplanned, the result of guesswork, experimenting and having fun.


In January 2020 I began posting videos about food standards, Brexit and food waste, talking directly to camera… and got 100 views per video. I persevered, posting videos. Slowly it grew.

Then one video about the difference between eggs in the US and the UK took off, reaching over 400k views and bringing another 20k followers in a few days.

Making lots of poor performing content is normal, keep trying new things, listen to other creators, learn their tricks. Above all, provide value for your audience – make their day a better place.


Finding time and planning to make consistent content is a common problem and by January 2021 I’d stopped posting.

I started posting regularly again in March 2021 and soon hit my first million plus viral hit.

Big lesson! People love listening to information about any subject when you talk with passion and enthusiasm about that subject


In 2022 I decided go start making consistent content every. single. week. No matter what.

I began planning, researching and scripting news stories, queueing content, alongside ad hoc food waste challenge videos. Despite a short hiatus to deliver aid to Ukraine, I posted 350 videos in 2022.

My TikTok views multiplied constantly in 2022 by being ferociously consistent.

Planning content is vital. Being spontaneous only gets you so far, you need strategy to get you through those slow weeks.


The year I set up my studio, fine-tuned my audio, upgraded my lighting and solidified all of the content scripting and delivery techniques that help people enjoy my content. Viral videos hitting over 1 million views are common now – I even had three in a row in August.

The year Instgram blew up too, going from 2k to 42k followers in six months and adding over 90k followers on TikTok

When you find something that people like, drill down into it, make it better, stronger, faster, and keep coming back. Become a master of your craft


I’M FINE!!! Can you eat food that is seven years past its best before date? I found out… #foodwaste #gavinwren #foodpolicy

♬ original sound – Gavin Wren

How do Aldi and Lidl get away with it? Thanks for the post inspo @Phil #aldi #lidl #foodpolicy #gavinwren

♬ original sound – Gavin Wren

Plants 🌱 are more popular when they’re not vegan #foodpolicy #gavinwren #plantbased #vegan #vegetarian

♬ original sound – Gavin Wren

About Gavin

Gavin is a food policy consultant, content creator and writer from London, UK, helping people learn about food.

Food is powerful, it can unify hearts and minds or topple governments, reaching every corner of humanity on earth. Changing the way that people learn about food is my goal. 

I’ve always been obsessed with food, who isn’t?

After leaving school I went straight into hospitality, determined to find a career as a hotelier. I loved being a host, and still adore helping friends, family or strangers experience new foods. After two years of silver service, tending bars and sweating in kitchens I discovered that hospitality wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Pivoting out of hotels and took me to study Industrial Design BA at Brunel University. The course taught vital skills about how systems are engineered and I built fantastical machinery including an automated sugar cube launcher, a pneumatic wine bottle corker and a countertop machine that would freeze an ice cube in sixty seconds.

After graduating, I worked in design for 10 years, creating everything from music awards for Elton John to advertising hoardings at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Food kept calling me back

In 2014, I started a food blog, which quickly converted into paid work as a food photographer and writer. A chance encounter with Professor Tim Lang at Borough Market uncovered the fascinating world of Food Policy which quickly saw me enrolling on the MSc Food Policy and immersing myself in the world of food systems.

I quickly became determined to find a way to make the world of food policy relatable and accessible to everyone. I wanted to help people learn more about this ‘unseen’ side of food. I launched a freelance career in food systems, working on projects from policy research and development through to social media campaigns. 

Clients during this time included communications consultancy for the European CommissionSlow Food International and The Centre for Food Policy; food policy research and positions for WWF and The Institute of Food Science and Technology; writing credits in Radio Times, Big Issue and Food Matters Live; and photography in National Geographic and Huck magazine.

I founded Wren&Co to serve these clients, co-founded Quota to help spread food systems news, and was a founding director of OmniAction. I guested on podcasts and radio shows, including BBC Radio, Heritage Radio NYC and Sorted Food, became an ambassador for Nutrition4Youngsters, part of the Nutritank initiative and have been food policy representative for The Guild of Food Writers and a member of Chatham House.

I was shocked at how little consumer-oriented information about food policy existed

During this time I expermented with different ways to talk about food policy on social media. Then I found TikTok in 2019. My first ‘viral’ hit reached 50k views – which felt like overnight fame at the time. Today, I consistently reach over 5 million unique viewers per month on TikTok alone.

I’ve helped millions of people learn about food policy and food systems with educational content on topics including food waste, food inflation, sustainability and more.

Social media content has been incredibly rewarding, as it facilitates direct connections with audience members and helps people to create a better relationship with food. This helps people with sourcing food, wasting less, saving money, or tackling mental health issues such as emetophobia.

Learn the secret to creating viral educational content on TikTok

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